Coding messages

Coding messages


Here is our coding message. Enjoy it!!!!!

One more coding message from …… Caesar:
Danw  daxw  lg  lzw
xmddwkl  sfv  xgumk
gf  lzw  hgkalanw

an encrypted message from Greece.pdf



We’ve prepared a coding message for you.

First, do the rebus. Remember the first letters. Type the first letters (use the capital letters) of these three words, to open a file below. 

Now open this file with first letters of these words. Use capital letters. In the file below you will find our message!

Have fun!

Coding message.docx


In order to decipher our message, first, you need to solve this puzzle below. When you solve the puzzle, you will understand how you can decode our message. Good Luck:) 


ciphered message.pptx

SPAIN: Coding messages

Are you up for a challenge?

See our message below (picture1). The key to solving it lies in using our alphabet (picture 3) to discover the code type (picture 2). At the very bottom, you can find pdf with all pictures below.

Don’t post your answer here just yet as other teams are trying to solve it too.  We can’t wait to decode your message!

Spain encoded message.pdf