About the project

About the project

General goals:

  • To develop and help others develop a better understanding and safer use of the internet and social media.
  • To use digital tools to empower students’ learning and transform schools.

Specific objectives:

  • to increase learning motivation for the students
  • to develop teamwork skills our students and staff
  • to build character, values of fairness and respect and increase the self-esteem of our students
  • to identify, share and build on examples of best practice in raising attainment
  • to enhance teaching and learning by demonstrating pro-active teaching methods
  • to develop language and communication skills
  • to address on-going relevant professional development in ICT/ programming skills using
  • transnational expertise and facilities
  • to improve skills in the use of the eTwinning platform to facilitate better communication and
  • collaboration for students and teachers alike
  • to celebrate achievement not only in our schools but also in the wider local community
  • to further enhance links with partner schools and institutes across Europe.
  • to compare and contrast school methods in order to show our students and staff that we live in a different country but we have a common aim.

Our schools

This map presents our schools in Europe

Freie Waldorfschule, Hamm (Germany)

Colegiul Tehnic ‘Alexandru Domsa”, Alba Iulia (Romania)

Szkola Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi im, Zygmunta Wilkonskiego, Inowrocław (Poland)

Colegio Sagrada Familia, Elda (Spain)

5 General Lyceum Veroias, Veroia (Greece)

Abidin Pak Pakmaya Anadolu Lisesi, Edremit (Turkey)

Introduction of the teachers

Turkish teachers 

  1. Sezen OZAN GÜRKAN (English Teacher and contact person of the project)
  2. Ayşe BİLGİC (History Teacher and a member of project administration)
  3. Eda FİTOZ (Literature Teacher and Erasmus+ team member)
  4. Fatma SARIYILDIZ (English Teacher and Erasmus+ team member)
  5. Selim TEKİN (English Teacher and Erasmus+ team member)
  6. Sinem KUTLUANA (English Teacher and Erasmus+ team member)

Greek teachers

  1. Dimitris Karalis (deputy headmaster and contact person for the project. Teacher of sciences)
  2. Eleni Kostopoulou (supporter of the Erasmus+ school team, teacher of english)
  3. Olympia Betsa (teacher of ancient and modern greek language, History, Literature)
  4. Aristotle Papageorgiou (teacher of ancient and modern greek language, History, Literature)
  5. Christina Thymiopoulou (teacher of German language)
  6. Costas Paschoulas (teacher of P.E)

Polish teachers 

  1. Kamila Thomas-Dąbrzał (a teacher of English and ICT)
  2. Katarzyna Glanc-Nawrocka (a teacher of German)
  3. Magdalena Matuszak (a teacher of PE)
  4. Paulina Sadłos (a teacher of Religious Education)
  5. Katarzyna Łuczak (a teacher of History)
  6. Katarzyna Paluszak (a teacher of Polish)

Spanish teachers 

  1. Juan Luis García (English teacher and contact person of the project)
  2. Cristina Gracia (German teacher)
  3. Cati Hernández (Maths and Physics teacher)
  4. Azucena Hernández (English teacher)
  5. Olimpia Moya (Valencian teacher)
  6. José David Pérez (Maths, Chess and Science teacher; trainer in digital skills and in robotics and programming; Google Innovator)
  7. Javier Reyes (Techonology and Visual Arts teacher)
  8. Joaquín Sánchez (ICTs teacher)

German Teachers

  1. Gisela Krutzke (English teacher)
  2. Ann-Christin Räbber (English, History teacher)
  3. Beate Kerkhoff (English, French teacher)
  4. Donald Austin (English teacher)

Introduction of the students

Spanish students


Paula Abellán, 16

Ernesto Guillén, 16

Pilar Olivares, 16

Patricia Jaspers, 16

Jorge Marco, 17

María Navarro, 15

Elena Navarro, 16

Jorge Pérez, 16

Cecilia Mestre, 16

Sarama Gutiérrez, 16

Rodrigo Avilés, 15

Sofía Azorín, 15

Emilio Peñataro, 15

Lucía Corbí, 16

Antonio Perea, 15

Lucía Bermúdez, 15

Antonio Pina, 15

Aitana Pastor, 15

Sandra Martínez, 15

Pedro M. Iborra, 15

Sara M. Valor, 15

Lucía Cerdán, 15

Alejandra López, 15

Pablo Sanz, 15

Lucía Amat E., 15



Inés Botella, 15

Polish students

Kinga, 14


Maja, 13

Kasia, 14



Turkish students

Murat Gundogdu, 17

Bircan Esen, 15

Halil Can Bayhan, 16

Greek students

Maria, 16

Elena Theodorou
Efrosyni Fotiadou

Anna Tzirou, 16