C4 – Meeting in Turkey. Learning, Teaching, Training Activity – September 2019

Day 1

Students and teachers travel to Turkey

Day 2

Students and teachers meet their project partners at school. Ice-Breaking and presentations about the regions are the first activities to do in that visit. In the afternoon, there were
welcome activities at a language academy and a visit to the Education local administration.

Day 3

Digital Journalism seminars and video diaries creation. Workshops about Web2 tools and other related applications. Ebru Art workshops.

Day 4

Trip to Bursa (Science and Technology Museum) .

Day 5

Trip to Ayvalik (Cunda Isle and Early Industrial Art Effect Museum).

Day 6

Sport activities for the students and school vlogs and digital diaries presentations. Teachers explained to the different classes general culture about their countries.

Day 7

Students and teachers travel back home.

Posted on: 30 December, 2019Cristina Gracia