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Romania’s largest vauban citadel, Alba Iulia Fortress or Alba Carolina Citadel by its secondary name, is remarkable for not only for its architectural elements and the beauty of its gates, which reflect unique military structures, but also for the rich history surrounding it – the city of Alba Iulia is of vital reference for the history of Romanians and is associated with the Great Union of 1918, where Transylvania and the rest of Romanian were united. This is why some Romanians like to refer to the city as ‘the other capital’

Key word: CITADEL

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Elda is known for its footwear industry, especially for its women’s shoes. So we have used a piece of artwork by a colleague and artist Camilo Valor to inspire your stories.

Key word: women’s shoes

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Hamm is the city of the elephants. You can find them everywhere in the city. The biggest one is the glass elephant in “Maxipark”. It was built on an old coal mine. The elephants can have all sizes and colurs. This one is a small one which you can find in the gardens and houses of a lot of people.


Inowrocław is known for salt and it is called the city on the salt. The reason of that is conected with the past, becasue in the 19th century there was a salt mine. In the 20th centry in turned out that there was a great daner of collapsing the city because of undergroud work, so the salt mine was overflowed and closed. Now there is an exhibition with the histry of the salt mine.

The key word is “SALT”

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The original Kori (young lady) of Veria is a bronze statuette that was discovered in the early 20th century and dates back to the fifth century BC. Now it is an exhibit at the Archaeological Museum of Munich as the «Mädchen von Beröa». A much bigger replica stands in one of the main squares of Veria. It is a statue of a naked woman who resembles the ancient goddess Venus (Aphrodite) and has a headscarf on her head, like the one that the women of the town used to have at that time.

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   Edremit is famous for its olives and olive oil. When you come to Edremit, you can see olive trees everywhere. Olive and olive oil are the most important industry in our town. We consume a lot of olive oil and we cook our dishes with olive oil. 

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