About the project

General goals:

  • To develop and help others develop a better understanding and safer use of the internet and social media.
  • To use digital tools to empower students’ learning and transform schools.

Specific objectives:

  • to increase learning motivation for the students
  • to develop teamwork skills our students and staff
  • to build character, values of fairness and respect and increase the self-esteem of our students
  • to identify, share and build on examples of best practice in raising attainment
  • to enhance teaching and learning by demonstrating pro-active teaching methods
  • to develop language and communication skills
  • to address on-going relevant professional development in ICT/ programming skills using
  • transnational expertise and facilities
  • to improve skills in the use of the eTwinning platform to facilitate better communication and
  • collaboration for students and teachers alike
  • to celebrate achievement not only in our schools but also in the wider local community
  • to further enhance links with partner schools and institutes across Europe.
  • to compare and contrast school methods in order to show our students and staff that we live in a different country but we have a common aim.
Posted on: 6 March, 2019Juan Luis García